O., Age: 18, from Nigeria

8 September 2017

I arrived in Libya 15 months ago and haven’t had a day of freedom since. I was sold, bought and transferred between prisons multiple times until I reached the collection camp from which I departed for Italy. I spent my first 6 months at a terrible prison located in Sabha. I was beat everyday with sticks or whips. We lived in constant terror, as it seemed that the prison guards would harm us for their own entertainment. Some nights, the guards would return to the camp drunk, and shoot whoever spoke. Other times, they’d let people bleed to death.
I was sold in Sabha and transferred to a prison in Sabratha where I was imprisoned for 3 months. I was transferred again to Tripoli for another 3 months and then brought to a collection camp in Taguira. Here, I was made into a slave of the traffickers, as I couldn’t pay for a trip. I was forced to work in the camp and eventually they let me leave.

This testimony was gathered at the Pozzallo Hotspot on the 8th of September 2017