I., Age: 17, from Gambia

8 September 2017

I left Gambia in January 2014 and headed to Mauritania. I remained in Mauritania for a year working. Then, I decided to move towards Libya. I crossed Mali and Niger. I arrived in Libya about 7 months ago. I’ve spent most of my time here in prison. I was kidnaped and brought to an unofficial prison in Sabha shortly after my arrival. I was held hostage until a month before my departure.
I was subjected to every kind of torture and violence imaginable in this prison. I was beaten daily. They would force me to tighten my fists and then slam them against a table, which would break all of my nails. They would also hit the bottom of my feet with a stick (falaka). At times, they would even drench me with a bucket of freezing water and then give me electric shocks. The way in which the guards would treat the sick was one of the most terrible things that I wittnessed. The Libyans would kill whoever fell ill as soon as it became apparent that they were very sick.

This testimony was gathered at the Pozzallo Hotspot on the 8th of September 2017.